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Two big announcements from Collegewise

By September 8, 2018Uncategorized

It’s been an exciting week at Collegewise, and we’ve got two big announcements to share:

First, we’ve partnered with Reach Higher, former First Lady Michelle Obama’s initiative to inspire every student in the U.S. to complete their education past high school. Founded during her time at the White House, Reach Higher is particularly focused on helping underserved students navigate the college-going process. This partnership means that we’ll share many of our Collegewise resources, tools, and trainings so Reach Higher can get them to kids and counselors in their extensive network.

And as part of the announcement, we’re also releasing our updated version of our annual Collegewise Guide to the Common AP, this year appropriately co-branded with Reach Higher. You can get your own free copy here. And check out Collegewise counselor Arun’s piece in Forbes: “Five Things Collegewise And Reach Higher Want You to Know.”

It’s hard to overstate how excited we are about this partnership. Beyond the pride and, frankly, giddiness, that comes with telling our friends and family that we’re part of Michelle Obama’s initiative, we’ve long professed a commitment to doing our part to keep the college playing field level. History shows that those have never been just words for us, and I’m proud of how much we do. But many of us at Collegewise, myself included, often feel like we’re not doing enough. It’s been a struggle to reconcile our values around college access and our realities of running a business that needs to make money to keep doing what we do so well. Our commitment to Reach Higher doesn’t just put dollars, time, and effort behind the values we espouse. Far more importantly, it will help us help a lot more kids that we could never reach or impact before.

In a place where most of us feel proud to come to work every day, this week will be hard to top.

Please share the download link for our Common App guide with students, parents, counselors, community-based organizations, and anyone else who may have a hand in helping kids get where they want to go. That’s who it’s there for. And now more than ever, that’s what we’re here for.