Story Finders: How Counselors and Teachers Can Help Students Write Better College Essays (Without Helping Too Much)


If you’re looking for a better way to help your students with college essays, maybe you’d like to try our way?  We’ve used our Collegewise essay curriculum with thousands of students in our programs, at high schools when we’re invited to speak to seniors about essays, and even during trainings with new college counselors. In fact, if it were appropriate for us to write a testimonial about our own product, it would be quite complimentary.

We’ve taken everything we know and teach about college essays and put it into this book, including:

  • Everything a counselor or teacher needs to know about how colleges use essays (it’s all the stuff they don’t teach when you get your credential).
  • A detailed syllabus for our one-hour college essay workshop. Use it to teach your class how to choose and write stories that will help their chances of admission
  • Explanations of how we work one-on-one with students, from helping them identify good stories, to editing and giving feedback on their drafts. It’s our entire system for helping without helping too much..
  • Recommended ways to use the curriculum, whether you work with one student or one thousand students.
  • The price includes online access to all of our college essay materials so you can download clean copies and use them with your students (that’s why we priced the book at $49.95–you’ll get our entire college essay curriculum, the same one we use with our Collegewise students).

Spend an hour or two learning the Collegewise way of helping kids with their college essays. Then download the materials and start helping your own students. It’s perfect for teachers, counselors, tutors, non-profits, nice older brothers and sisters, and anyone else who helps students find and tell their best stories.

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