College Interviews Video



Product Description

Our interview workshop has shown hundreds of our Collegewise students how to have engaging and effective college interviews.   This video will teach you how to do it, too.  Filmed live in front of a studio audience (the studio is our classroom and the audience is our Collegewise families), Collegewise President Kevin McMullin explains everything kids need to know to be prepared and relaxed.

Spend an hour watching this video and you’ll learn:

  • How to make a great impression before, during and after the interview
  • What kinds of questions to expect
  • How to turn the conversation towards topics you want to discuss
  • How to make your answers interesting and memorable for your interviewer.
  • What to do when you don’t know the answer to a question—and how to look even better because of it (which, unfortunately, does not work when doing trigonometry). In fact, this technique is so good that you’ll actually be disappointed if you don’t get the chance to use it.

Our Collegewise students don’t just show up to their interviews relaxed and prepared; they also feel proud when they’re done. After watching this video, we really think you will, too.

Here’s how our videos work:

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