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Let the child drive the bus

By June 7, 2019Uncategorized

Some parents resist the urging of both counselors and colleges to step back and let their kids drive their own college application process. And that’s why Patrick O’Connor identifies “Let the child drive the bus” as the six words about college that disappoint parents most.

I understand the parental inclination to nudge, direct, and sometimes overtake decision-making powers from our children (my four-year-old would enjoy a lot more videos and popsicles if he were driving his own bus all day, every day). But whatever argument a parent might make to justify their over-participation in their high school student’s journey to college, it doesn’t change that a college will never look favorably on a student whose parent completes the applications or does anything else that a college-ready student should be doing on their own.

As Patrick describes it:

“Your child didn’t become a state champion soccer player by having Mommy or Daddy kick the ball. Applying to college is no different.”